2020 Events

Fall Event Ideas

abbotsford arts

Abbotsford, BC

Theatre Stage

September 8-10

mjf theatre

Burnaby, BC

Theatre Stage

September 4-6
September 28-30


North Vancouver, BC

Theatre Stage

September or
October - TBA

These are the theatres and venues I have booked in the Fall.  Directors - let me know if any of these dates might work for your studio.  ALSO - if a few studios want to come together for a show or to "just dance", contact me - I will plan it for you.


langley fine arts

Other ideas I am working on - Community outdoor stages in North Vancouver, Vancouver, Kitsilano and at the beach in White Rock, but they are all not committing to dates.  I will keep trying!


Studio Directors - I will be emailing updates on a regular basis as I get venues booked.  Let me know what your dancers want - I will plan it.  Absolutely no commitments required for my 2021 events.  More info below.

Dancers - head back to the homepage to get on the list to jump on some calls so I can get all your ideas.  Grads - I want to plan something special for you, there's a list just for you, so join up.  The sign up forms are over here.

Langley, BC

Theatre Stage

August or September
Grad Showcase

More Info for Studio Directors:

- My events will run if studios and dancers want them!  I want to make sure dancers have as many opportunities that they can.  There are lots of other events to support so if the summer becomes too busy, no problem!  As long as dancers are dancing, then I am happy.

- Dates above have been booked with theatres.  Once we know what guidelines are in place we can work together to decide which events will run and how.  

- Many of my ideas are still "TBC" and I've been chatting with studio directors and dancers to see what we can do! I will publish them as soon as I have them set.  

- Events will require a minimum number of studios and entries to be able to run.  Dancers may enter on their own as long as it is approved by their studio.

- More guidelines will be posted when I know if the events will be running as competitions or shows.

Info about Fees:

- Any events requiring fees to be paid - will be no more than 50% of 2020 fees to my family company's past events for dancers who received refunds.  The events may not have all the bells and whistles but they will be FUN and we will be ONSTAGE.  Priority will be given to groups (more dancers!) if we are able to accommodate the numbers in venues.

My time will be 100% volunteer until the end of 2020 and if any profits do get made will go into a scholarship fund for dancers.  Studio Directors who attended that event will be involved in deciding how that event's scholarship fund will be distributed. 

- If a venue costs me less, dancers will be charged less.  Community outdoor stages will be free for dancers to perform.

- Fees will not be payable until the event is confirmed a GO.


- These events are for you.  We can make them showcases, or competitions (modifications will be required) but let's get on stage as much as we can and end this year off in a GREAT way.  

- Outdoor stages are a great option, I am thinking they will be allowed to happen sooner than theatres.  Once I can get confirmations from the cities I will post them.
- If the summer gets busy and the other events being offered are enough, that's awesome!  We will catch up in 2021.  I can't wait.

The lists

Keep in the loop about what I'm up to - and I want you to tell me all your ideas!