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Welcome to B1 Dance.

B1 Dance Competitions and Events will be supportive, transparent and FUN.  I want dancers, parents and teachers to leave with positive memories and to feel happier than when they arrived.  I am committed to providing a healthy environment for dancers.  Every single rule, award and concept has been planned with them always at top of mind.   

Fresh new ideas are coming your way - new categories, awards, and educational and apprenticeship opportunities for dancers.  Only invitational locations to ensure everyone in attendance will support all children in the dance community.  All dancers are amazing and special.  B1 will be a place where they can always shine in their own light.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope to see you soon.

Barbie Wharton
Director, B1 Dance Productions Inc.

When dancers have a positive experience in all aspects, they will keep dancing - and everyone wins.  So at B1, will all do our part (dancers, teachers, parents and me) to make sure all rules are followed and we all have a positive and supportive environment.

I commit to supporting studios and doing my ABSOLUTE best to create a fair, healthy and positive environment that you expect from me.   
Let's get on stage and focus on what we all do best.

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I danced competitively from the ages 8-18 and my memories and lessons from dance have served me throughout my whole life - both personally and professionally.  This community has been a part of my family as far back as I can remember.  My teachers believed in me, pushed me and gave me much of the confidence to grow into who I am now.  I want to share that and support this community.


I am also a parent - I have two boys, now 15 and 13 who play high level competitive sports.  Parents - I know how important your children are to you and how their safety, health (mental and physical) and success in their chosen path is an utmost priority to you, and it is to me too.  

Together we are stronger than ever.  At B1 we will lift each other up, and encourage every dancer, in all ways. 


We belong - together.

Our community is stronger than ever.

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