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Registration Page

Studio Directors, thank you for registering!

Information about registration process for studios who have requested and received a Director's Package:

•  Registration is through DanceSync via Registration button below.  Once you are registered it will prompt you to make "reservations".  This holds your spots throughout the registration process until you check out.  The $10 per routine is a deposit and a credit to your account.

•  A printable PDF link is below for your "quick" reference while registering.  Please ensure you have reviewed your Director's Package for all rules and expectations.

•  You will receive an email confirming your submission immediately, then once payment is received, you will receive a second email from B1.  It will have your waiver and confirmation info.
•  Registrations are not confirmed until waivers are received and entry fees are paid or payment plan is set up.
•  Credit card payments are charged a service fee of 2.9%. Please note credit card fees are non-refundable as per the Covid policies in your Directors Package.
•  Administrative fees will be charged for any changes made after event deadline.
•  If you would like to review the waiver prior to registering, please contact us.
•  If you would like a more detailed list of your registrations immediately following submission, it can be found on your DanceSync dashboard.

If you haven't received the Director's Package, please head back here to request one.  Any questions or inquiries please email b@b1dance.com.

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