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I have learned so much from dance in my life.  We learn so many skills that are not the perfect pirouette or extension, but they are a result of how you got to it.  There is so much that can go on your resume - perseverance, getting back up when you fall (figuratively and literally!), the ability to take constructive criticism, time management.  These are only a few that have been a huge benefit to me throughout my career.  In post secondary, in Upper Management and Entrepreneurship. 

I've got some pretty cool people lined up to talk to on the New Series. 
See you soon Xo.

"When I danced, I never placed much.  I worked hard and tried my best.  Then when I was 24 I got promoted to Sales Manager .  My boss told me, "You are the youngest person I have promoted to management.  And the primary reason is your unbelievable ability to accept constructive criticism."  - So that was pretty cool."

Let's talk about life, skills, passion and just being yourself.

Because you're amazing.  No matter your strengths, weaknesses or perceived flaws, you are you.  And you are killing it.  There are so many possibilities in this world.  The skills you are learning, will be with you for your whole life.


Dance brought me so much more than technique.  I learned to get back up, to push myself a little harder, and eventually - that it was ok to just be me.

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"Tuesday nights were my private ballet lessons.  From 9 - 9:30, late, after all the classes.  A lot of times, I left in tears. "I'm never going back, I'm terrible", I would tell my mom.  She would say, "let's see how you feel in the morning".  Then on Wednesdays, I would pack my school stuff, pack my dance stuff and my dinner, and head back to the studio after school. That was just what I did.  All my teachers believed in me, so they pushed me.  I have never forgotten that love."