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Studio Directors, thank you so much for stopping by!  

b1 events will be by invitation to ensure fair, transparent and healthy environments for all.  This means that we will all commit to ensuring entry information is accurate, music and costume choices are appropriate and rules are respected. 


I want to help you ensure your clients are happy.  To do this, they will receive accurate and early schedules, know their children are valued and supported, and know their time and money have been well spent.  If we all do our part, dancers keep dancing, and everyone wins.

Information for Studios requesting information packages:

•  Accepted studios are required to have a structured Ballet program*

•  A minimum of 15 entries per studio per event will be required.

•  All entries must be paid in full by deadline, no exceptions.

•  No surcharges for credit card payments.

•  Commitment to rules, accurate entry information and a positive, supportive environment.
*exceptions may apply for tap and acro - please contact me.

All details and information in the b1 Director's Package.

Studios who have received Director's Package - Registration opens Sept 1!
Registration is via DanceSync and more information is on the next page.  If you have any questions or inquiries please email b@b1dance.com.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.


When dancers have a positive experience in all aspects, they will keep dancing - and everyone wins.  So will all do our part (dancers, teachers, parents - and me) to make sure all rules are followed and we all have a positive and supportive environment.

I commit to supporting studios and doing my ABSOLUTE best to create a fair, consistent and positive environment that you expect from me.  
Let's get on stage and focus on what we all do best.

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