Thank you for coming.

We sure have all been through a lot.  I am going to make some great events for you.  You deserve it.  My events will always have you at the top of mind.  While dancers of course are all our priorities, I will support studios and you, in any way I can.  So - some of the rules and expectations posted may seem harsh.  But we are all here to enjoy fair, consistent and supportive events.  Let's all commit to working together to make that happen.  I am all in.

I will use this as a board for updates and information that comes up during the season and/or events.

Parents and Dancers - This page is for Directors only.  Access to forms and information is permitted by permission only.

We belong - together.

Our community is stronger than ever.

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The lists

Keep in the loop about what I'm up to - and I want you to tell me all your ideas!