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Performance and Novice Levels

Performance Level
A special non - competitive level
just for first year dancers

First year dancers are pretty special, and their experience should be amazing, not scary - so they keep dancing! This non-competitive level is for dancers aged 3 - 8, in the first year of dance only.  Everything will be tailored to them!

Every dancer receives a medal AND certificate  •  Scheduled time to see the stage  •  Shorter sessions •  Special awards for every dance  •  Recognition for Student Teachers

Performance Level General Information

•  Scheduled time for teachers to bring their dancers onstage before the session begins, just to check it out.

•  Every dancer receives a medal and a certificate.
•  Every entry receives a video adjudication with comments, a Performance certificate and a Special Award.
•  Shorter sessions and time for moms and dads to take photos!
•  Recognition for Student Teachers!

Performance Special Awards

Beautiful Smiles  •   Adorable Costume   •   Bright Energy  •   Choreography Awards  •   Student Teacher Recognition  •   And more!

Novice Level
A special competitive experience for first year dancers

A competition should be fun for new dancers, so let's make it that way!  Everything will be tailored to new dancers and families.  More explanations at awards, and recognition for student teachers and studios.

Novice high score groups and top choreography group will be invited as special guests to perform at the Final Showcase.

Every dancer receives a medal AND certificate  •  Shorter sessions when possible •  Talk with the judges  •  Recognition for Student Teachers

Novice High Score Awards

Highest scoring solos, duos, trios and groups •  Top Novice Studio Award  •  Top Novice Choreography Award •  Choreography Awards  •  Student Teacher Recognition  •  And more!

Novice General Information

•  First year dancers can be entered into Performance OR Novice level at studio discretion.

•  Every dancer receives a medal and a certificate.
•  Award sessions with more explanations.
•  Shorter sessions and time for moms and dads to take photos when possible 
•  Recognition of Student Teachers!