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Competition Rules and 


Here are the rules.

I am making B1 Dance events fresh, new and innovative.  They will be amazing, I promise.  But we must all remember this is a competition, an event where we will feel accomplished, happy, safe and always encouraged to just “B” our true selves.  To ensure this, we will all commit to be accountable and to support each other.  Let's hold each other up and always make the best of each day.   

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A Brand New Season, a Fresh Start for all of us!

•  4 Competitive Levels + Additional Non Competitive Performance Level.

•  Invitational events to ensure a fair, healthy and transparent environment.

•  Fresh categories - Enhanced Student Choreography and Dancers can dance competitively until the age of 20 in 2021.

•  Top Studio and Top Choreographer Awards in each Level.

•  Assistance and support for Directors and studios is a priority.

•  Final Showcase and Show at every event!
•  Studios are required to have a structured ballet program to enter. If you are a Directors - head over here for more info and exceptions.

Award Information

Awards listed are for Novice, Junior, Intermediate and Advanced categories.  For Performance category click here.
Complete and detailed awards listing over here.

•  Score levels (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum) announced in each category. 

•  1st/2nd/3rd awarded in categories with 3+ entries.

•  Top performances announced throughout each level.

•  Choreography award at each session.

•  Special awards and more recognition at each session!

• Highest scoring Solo, Duo/Trio and Group will be awarded in each level and will receive cash awards.  

•  High score  and top groups in Jr/Int/Adv eligible to compete at the Final Showcase. 

•  Novice high score  and top groups invited to perform as special guests at the Final Showcase.

•  Top Choreography Award - 1 group per level, eligible to compete at the Finals.

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Highest Scoring Studio Award in each level  •  MORE cash awards in Advanced  •  Grads recognized throughout each event  •  Top Choreography Award in each level  Final Showcase at every event!

General Notes

General Information and Overview

Thank you so much for reading about B1 Productions events!  My main focus is to support dancers in all ways, on stage and off, to create an environment that is positive, consistent and fair.  This means one very important thing to us all - if dancers have a positive experience in all aspects, they will keep dancing!

All general information is listed here.  Detailed rules and guidelines available in the B1 Director's Package.  



Performance   First year dance only  •  Dancers aged 3 - 8 only  •  More info on Performance Level HERE

Novice  First year of dance  •  Any age  •  More info on Novice HERE

Junior  In year 2 or 3 of dance  •  Any age

Intermediate  In year 4 or 5 of dance  •  Minimum age 10.

Advanced   In year 6 or more  •  Minimum age 12.


•  Ballet - Classical

•  Ballet - Classical en Pointe
•  Ballet - Demi Character
•  Ballet - Contemporary

•  Modern

•  Contemporary
•  Contemporary en Pointe
•  Jazz

•  Lyrical
•  Hip Hop

•  Variety/Stage
•  Song and Dance
•  Acrobatics

•  Tap

•  National/Cultural

•  Student Choreography**

•  Adult**

•  Production**

•  High School**
•  Senior Graduates**

** Click links for more info on Student Choreography, Adult, Production, High School and Senior Categories.

More about Levels and Categories

•  Dancers in their first year of dance can be entered into the Performance level if under 9 years old OR Novice, at studio discretion.

•  Soloists may enter only once per category.  Exception to this rule is if modern/contemporary is combined.

•  Soloists may register for as many solos as they wish, however their top 2 highest scoring solos of that event will be eligible for high score awards and prizes.  Additional solos will still be eligible for placements in their category. *see exceptions for Whistler event here.
•  Duo and Trio dancers must change partners to compete in the same category.
•  Dance must be primarily focused on the genre/category that is entered.  Props, acro and a reasonable amount of tumbling moves and "tricks"are permitted in all categories.

•  Levels and ages are based on average group experience and age. This is to encourage dancers of all ages and abilities to feel supported in an environment that makes them want to keep dancing!  To ensure this, misrepresentation of levels will not be tolerated.
•  As often as possible, events will run in level order.  Costume changes will be accommodated but dancers in numerous numbers will need to be ready to make quick changes!  This is to accommodate everyone's schedules and to attempt to ensure parents can plan more in advance about which days their dancers will be performing.
•  Props must be loaded and unloaded at a designated time.  Confetti, power of any kind or excessive rosin is permitted on stages.

Judges and Scoring

Video Judging will be provided.  Scores will be determined by the following criteria:


•  3 professional judges on each panel.  Judges of different ages, specialties and professional development are chosen to give dancers a well rounded and valuable critique.

•  Video Adjudications will be uploaded to a studio file at the end of each level.
•  Studio Directors wishing to review category scores may do so at the tabulating desk with the Tabulator or Director.  Review is only permitted of categories their studio is registered in.

•  All judges will be professional and experienced.  As we all know, everyone has preferences and things they see as highlights in a performance.  This is the advantage of having human judges!  This means certain aspects are subjective.  All marks are final, including discretionary marks.


SMALL GROUPS •  4 minutes

•  5 minutes

Time Limits

SOLOS •  3 minutes   

•  3 minutes


PRODUCTION  • 15 minutes** More on Production HERE.

•  Dances are timed from the first beat of the music until when the last dancer has completely exited the stage.
•  5 second grace period allowed for all entries entrance/exit.
•  Small groups are 4 - 9 dancers, Large groups are 10+ dancers.
•  It will be expected that props be set up very quickly to ensure the schedule remains on time.
•  Music can be uploaded to Dance Comp Genie or played by CD/Ipod at events.  Teachers are responsible to play music that is not uploaded to the system.

•  See expectations about music and costume choices here.


Dancers are always categorized by age and ability! 


Age is calculated as of December 31 by the registration system.  Years of dance before age 6 are not included.

Age categories will usually not be combined more than 2 years except at times to avoid one dancer only in a category.

High score categories may be split by age depending on number of entries.

Dancers are able to enter B1 Dance events until they are 20 in 2021.  They may enter advanced groups as long as average age does not exceed 18.

Dancers aged 21+ must be entered into the Adult category.


Awards and Prizes

Complete Award Listing HERE.

Category Awards

•  Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze standings for all performances will be announced in order of performance.  All dancers will be recognized for their achievement and receive an award.
•  1st/2nd/3rd announced in categories with 3 or more entries.
•  Award sessions will be held on a regular basis throughout each day, more often for Performance and Novice levels


Highscore Awards

•  Highest scoring Solo, Duo/Trio and Group will be awarded in each level and will receive cash awards.
•  Top performances announced throughout each level so you know who's in the running for high score awards!
•  High score groups will be eligible to compete at the Final Showcase.  Novice entries will perform as Special Guests!
•  Top Choreography Award - 1 group per level, eligible to compete at the Finals.
•  Additional "Judges Choice" performances, including Solos/Duos/Trios may be invited to perform and/or compete at the finals depending on time.


More Awards

•  Judges' Choice
•  Spirit and Performance Awards

•  Backstage Hero/Bravery/Commitment to Dance Awards

•  Choreography Awards
•  Best/Unique/All Around Awesome Costume Awards

•  B1 Awards and Scholarships
•  Sponsor Awards and Scholarships

•  More coming soon!


•  1st, 2nd, 3rd high score groups in each level qualify for the Finals on the last day of each event.
•  Top Choreography Award - 1 group per level, eligible to compete at the Finals.

•  Additional "Judges Choice" performances, including Solos/Duos/Trios may be invited to perform and/or compete at the finals depending on time.


More information on the B1 Finals over HERE.

When dancers have a positive experience in all aspects, they will keep dancing - and everyone wins.  So will all do our part (dancers, teachers, parents - and me) to make sure all rules are followed and we all have a positive and supportive environment.

I commit to supporting studios and doing my ABSOLUTE best to create a fair, consistent and positive environment that you expect from me. 

Let's get on stage and focus on what we all do best.

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Studio Expectations

Please see Director's Information Package for complete information, including entry fees.

•  Greenroom will be provided for working directors and teachers.  When possible, meals will be pre-ordered to ensure everyone is provided for and/or there is no waste!  We may be able to provide options for special diets.
•  Every effort will be made to create a seamless and efficient event for you and your dancers.  Because if they are happy - they keep dancing!  
•  All feedback is welcome and encouraged.  I can't make changes without your insight - positive and constructive!  Please be open and let me know.  You're doing me a favour, not a disservice!

Expectations and Schedules

•  I commit to provide schedules to studios and post online as soon as possible, but at minimum 6 weeks prior to the start of the respective event.  If all studios ensure entries are accurate, schedules can get to studios (and your parents!) sooner.

•  Dance offs will only be permitted in very extenuating circumstances.  Any dance offs that are approved must be requested a minimum of two weeks prior to the event by Directors only.  Entry fees will not be refunded if a dance off time is not acceptable to the dancer. 

•  Levels are calculated based on years of dance.  This is to encourage dancers of all ages and abilities to feel supported in an environment that makes them want to keep dancing!  To ensure fairness, misrepresentation of levels will not be tolerated.  Inaccurately placed dancers will not be eligible for high scores.  At the discretion of management, dancers may be disqualified.

Directors will be able to request a review of a dancers level.  All requests will be treated the same and information from studios will be required to be provided.

•  All music choices, costumes and dance concepts must be appropriate for family viewing.  We understand that everyone has different interpretations of "appropriate", however it is very important to me to set the highest possible standard of support of our youth and expectations of what is acceptable.  Judges will be permitted to deduct marks each for inappropriate performances choreography, gestures or actions and management reserves the right to disqualify and/or remove performances from the stage during a performance.  Entry fees will not be refunded.  Studios may submit music and choreography for pre-review.  Information in Director's Package.


All dancers are special.

All dancers are amazing.  Older, younger, new and experienced.  B1 events are made for everyone to perform in a safe, positive, healthy environment.

When dancers excel in their own light, everyone wins.  All of us as adults have done our jobs - to raise good, happy humans.  It is important that we all work together - for them.

Dancer and Parent Expectations


•  I am a parent too!  I have two teenage boys - ages 14 and 12 who play high level competitive sports.  I also danced and competed from the ages of 8 - 18.  I know that your dancer is the most important person in the world to you.  I am committed to providing fair, appropriate and SUPPORTIVE environments for kids.  You may not agree 100% with my decision or rules, I understand.  But be assured, ANY decision made is in my opinion, is best for them.  

Studio Directors have a lot on their plates.  The administration work for entering dance competitions is a lengthy and detailed process. Please ensure you have accurately told your studio when your dancer started dancing.  Inaccurate levels are not permitted, as this affects all dancers. 

•  All feedback is welcome and encouraged.  I can't make changes without your insight - positive and constructive!  Please be open and let me know.  You're doing me a favour, not a disservice!  However, any requests or competition policy, results or procedure questions must come to me through your studio director.  This is to simply ensure I support studios' policies.  I am happy to provide as much information to you as possible, but please be advised emails will be forwarded directly to studio directors for response if appropriate.

•  All kids are amazing. 
I will make amazing events.  To do this, we all must all commit whole-heartedly to support children on the stage and in the community.  Anyone showing unsupportive behaviour backstage or in the audience, will be asked to leave immediately.  Of course this is for the sole purpose of making sure B1 events create the best possible environment for everyone.  


•  I danced and competed from grade 5 to 12.  Those were some of the BEST days of my life and I learned so many skills that I take with me and use every day, both personally and professionally.  I will make great events for you.  We will have so much fun!  But to do this - I need your help.  I need you to be beyond supportive to all dancers - those from your studio, and those who aren't.  Positive vibes attract positive vibes, right?  Negative behaviour will not be allowed.

This page has all the "Technical Stuff".  Head over to your Dancers Page for the fun stuff.

•  I want to hear ALLL your ideas!  Come find me!  Backstage or online - I always want to talk to you, don't be shy.  AND - get on the mailing list 
** HERE.  (Ask your parents first!)

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It's more than Dance.

The life lessons and skills that dance teaches our kids goes way beyond the classroom.  I have started these series talking about those lessons and how dance has benefitted me in ALL areas of my life.  Career, personal and parenthood.  Coming Soon