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Additional Categories

A special category for up and
coming choreographers

The Student Choreography Category is for dancers who are performing their own choreography on stage.  It is intended to encourage and support upcoming Choreographers by providing them with the stage and experience to grow. Student Teachers are strongly encouraged to enter!

There are so many opportunities available to dancers throughout the industry.  B1 events provide opportunities and exposure to dancers to new opportunities and education.


Every dancer entered into the Student Choreography section will receive choreography resources the opportunity to sit beside an adjudicator during the Performance (Non Competitive) Level.  They will be able to observe the judging process and how judges comment on choreography.  

Student Choreography Rules and Guidelines

•  This is an advanced category for Intermediate and Advanced dancers aged 14+.  
•  Dancers are to perform their own solo of their choreography (not have another dancer perform it).
•  Dancers will not receive assistance or coaching of any kind for either choreography or practice, rehearsing, cleaning of this entry.
•  All choreography must be your own work, nothing has come from someone else, or online.
•  Dancers must wear a costume.
•  Notes do not need to be submitted.
•  Placements will be awarded. 
•  Dancers will be assigned a time and category for their time to observe adjudication.  Assigned times cannot be changed.

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Senior Graduates/
Dancers can dance competitively longer!

Dancers who are 2 years post graduation (aged 19 and 20) may enter to compete competitively.  Groups are allowed up to 3 dancers over the age of 18.  Solos, Duos, Trios will be split into their own categories.  More info to come.

Placements and prizes will be awarded.

Dance has been a huge part of all of our lives, and will continue to be!  I want to support dancers who want to still dance after graduation.  Also!! The B1 Alumni Program - coming soon.

High School
High School Dancers

This is a category for dancers entering the event through their high school only.

•  High school groups may enter the high school section OR competitive levels.

•  Section will be scheduled during regular school hours.
•  Category will be split by age only (not by genre) - unless there is more than 10 entries.
•  Placements will be awarded. 
•  High score awards will be awarded if there is more than 10 entries.


Production and Adult categories will be scheduled in the evening to allow for bigger audiences!

•  Productions will be scheduled in the evening to allow for bigger audiences.  These numbers are a tremendous amount of work - we want to showcase your hard work!
•  Productions are combination of dance, musical theatre and staging.  

•  Minimum of 15 dancers per entry.  
•  Time limit for Productions is 15 minutes with a maximum of 10 minutes combined time for setup and takedown.  Overtime for performance, set up and/or takedown will be charged.
•  High score awards and cash prizes will be awarded depending on entries received.


•  Dancers aged 21+ are to enter the Adult category.

•  Section will be scheduled in the evening when possible.
•  Category will be split by discretion.
•  Placements will be awarded. 
•  High score awards will be awarded if there is more than 10 entries.